Envy has never been a trait I possessed, I was practically happy for anyone and everyone around me, it doesn’t matter the news, I’d jubilate with you even if we were enemies, I’d still wish you well in my heart, I was never jealous of anyone well not until recently.

I am in my mid-30’s, very successful, I have dedicated almost a decade of my life building up my company, my last serious relationship was five years ago, I had always said to myself, “One more deal, One more contract and I’d settle down” but one more deal or contract was never enough, I wanted more, I needed more, I never had time to date or keep a relationship, today I was in Austria, tomorrow in Spain, in a month id travel internationally more than four times, who would want to date someone like that? My EX complained all the time, how I was neglecting him, I didn’t have to travel much, I could control my business from Nigeria, problem is I am a control freak I needed everything to be done by me, only I could do it perfectly.

For years my adult toys have been my  companions, I have about six of them, depending on the mood, each one has its special duty, there’s Jimmy whose job it was to make me xplode within minutes, there’s Jack whose job was to go real deep and relieve tension, there’s Joe for lazy nights and so on

I had given up on men, the little I have met in a short while just wanted money, connections and fun, no one wanted long term, I was getting old, I looked young though but women will always see themselves as ten years older in looks, I said to myself, go adopt a baby, forget men, work hard and make a name for yourself, these were my plans, it was perfect and about to be executed not until my friend introduced her fiancé to me.

Jessie: Hello Bimpe, are you at the office?

Me: Yes I am

Jessie: Good, I’m on my way

Me: Sure no problem, please get me lunch I’m starving

Jessie: I’m coming with someone; we would go have lunch together

Me: Fine.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time, how I wish I had told her not to come, I wasn’t around, I was out of the country, anything! But I guess fate wanted to fuck with me real hard. Jessie came to my office with a guy who I felt Zeus carved himself perfectly, Dayo was tall, dark, handsome, fit, oh my, he was structurally perfect and I knew from the second I laid my eyes on him, I wanted him, when Jessie introduced us and we shook hands, it was the softest palm I had ever felt in my life, he’s voice was soothing, everything about him was perfect, I tried to stay calm but I was lost.

We went for lunch, talked, laughed, and we discussed their marriage plans, for the first time in my life I was jealous and it was over a man, not even business, how did this happen I began to ask myself? I said to myself, I’d go home and play if off, while I was doing it, I was picturing Dayo’s face, it was bliss, he wasn’t even there yet it felt like I could feel him.

Next day at work, I got a call from the reception; Dayo had come to see me, I was surprised and happy, I wondered if something was wrong, I asked them to let him in, he was so polite, telling me how sorry he was for coming in like that without an appointment but he needed my advice on something, oh I was so glad to help, anything to keep him with me in the office for a long while. He said since I had been to so many countries, he would like to know which place I’d suggest for a honeymoon, I didn’t even think I said, ”come to the house for dinner tonight and we will discuss it” he welcomed the idea wholeheartedly.

He came, we talked, drank, ate, drank some more, I can’t really remember who kissed who, next thing I knew our clothes were flying off our bodies, he was everything I had imagined him to be, he was a freak in bed like me, we were all over each other, I was selfish at the moment, I didn’t even stop to think he was someone else’s man, I didn’t care, I wanted him there and then.

All these happened six months ago and we are still together, he’s promised to break up with Jessie, but he hasn’t, he keeps saying he doesn’t want to hurt her but he wants to be with me, I have reduced the way I travel because of him, I give him 40% of my time, I know I am in love with him and I want to have his kids, why won’t he just break up with Jessie already?

What do I do?