So Dipo and I have been dating for a very long time, one time we had problems like every other young couple, but I got carried away, I was more exposed and loved having fun than him, he was a little reserved and was more the indoor type. During this period I began to have doubts about our relationship, I began to ask myself I wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone as boring as Dipo, then I met someone else, he was exactly my type, we got along so well on the first day that I knew we were gonna do it soon, well we had sex and the whole excitement died down, and I went back to Dipo, this was 10 yrs ago.

Five years after that incident, Dipo and I got married, we were happy for two years, we bought our own house, we had great jobs and our first baby was on the way, I felt like the most blessed person on earth, after I put to bed that’s when my trauma began, Dipo  became a completely different person, it started from the drinking, I didn’t mind, as long as he didn’t come home drunk, I never suspected cheating, I knew Dipo was old fashioned and would never do that so when the late nights and absence from home began I just thought work toll, never for once did I imagine my husband to be cheating, not just cheating but with multiple women.

I just had a baby, I was on maternity leave, Dipo wouldn’t let me hire a nanny or a maid, so I was home full time, taking care of our baby all by myself, I was getting tired of him not helping out, so one day he comes back from work very late, I was up and I told him how I felt, I couldn’t control the rage anymore, I shouted at him, and told him what a piece of sh**t he was, he calmly looked at me, went straight to our bedroom, into the bathroom to take a shower, I just couldn’t hold it anymore, I followed him, when I got to the bedroom, his phone kept buzzing, I wanted to pick to tell whoever was calling to go to hell, who calls a married man this late anyway, I wished now I hadn’t picked that call, the next words I heard made my heart froze “Darling you home, hope you wife wasn’t angry, we had a nice time and I’m still sore”.

Right there and then my world crashed, I was in shock, I didn’t believe my ears, I thought maybe it was a wrong dial, but she had called his name, he came into the room and just looked at me, he knew I knew, I could see the hurt in his face, I asked him “Temi have you been cheating on me” we call each other that, that’s our pet name “Temi” he didn’t deny, he just said yes, I wanted him to deny vehemently, wanted him to say anything other than a yes, he told me “Temi and she isn’t the only one, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, ever since you cheated in school, I never forgave you, I wanted to pay you back for what you did but since I started I can’t stop please help me”

Well I woke up in the hospital, I must have fainted after hearing that, how could anyone hold a grudge for almost a decade, who does that? He’s been pleading, our marriage is really young though we have been together for a long time, I wanna make it work, but I know he won’t stop cheating, please what do I do?