I don’t know to say this without sounding selfish but I just need to tell someone. My boyfriend sucks at speaking English, it’s very bad, he cannot construct a sentence in English language, if it isn’t vernacular we aren’t having a conversation.
This is how we met.

One day, on my way back from work I entered a public bus going home; I was minding my business when this very handsome fair guy hopped in and say right next to me, at first I was sad because I wanted to have the sit all to myself but after taking a side look at him I said to myself well I won’t mind sharing a sit with him.

After a few minutes, someone tapped me because I had my headphone on listening to music, he tapped and said “Auntie you get change” I was shocked, I didn’t believe such foul language could come out of those to die for lips, I said “Excuse me” he said “you get change, take this 200 naira givu me hundred maybe this conductor fit no get change” I replied in English yes I have change he said “Ok na”

At first I shrugged it off, I sat there, looking at him through my peripherals, waiting for him to make a move, this is the first time in my entire life I had sat with someone this cute in a bus, I was patiently waiting for him to ask me another question or my number or something well he did, he tapped me again and I removed my headphone and looked at him

Him: My name na Emeka, wetin be ya name”

Me: Anna Maria

Him: Ehn wetin you talk, I no understand the name

Me: Just call me Anna

Him: Ok, I go soon come down, my telephune don off make I givu my number make you call me na.

I smiled, the way he spoke was really funny, I told him if I collected his number I wouldn’t give him a call, I proceeded to put back my headphone on, he said, oya wait, I get paper and biro  you go write am for there, anyway I did and that’s how we started dating.

I love him there’s no doubt about that, I have tried talking him into enrolling in adult school, he flunked all the classes, sometimes I wonder how he does calculations in his business. I haven’t been able to introduce him to any of my friends, my parents have been asking me who am I dating, I’m not getting any younger and they want to know who it is I am with.

Now he’s complaining he doesn’t know my people but I know his, I know all his friends and relatives, he wants me to introduce my friends and family members to him, this I cannot do, my dad is well learned and an honorary professor in a university abroad, my mum is well to do, I attended the best university in the UK, I got a great job, my parents are expecting so much from me and if they see Emeka they would reject him immediately he opens his mouth to speak.

How do I introduce him to my parents, he’s just a shop owner and I work for a multinational organization, how do I convince my parents he makes me happy? I am beginning to have my doubts about him; I love him but is love enough? How do I take him to family meetings or office parties? This has been bothering me for months and I don’t know what to do.