I am writing this with so much fear in my heart, I don’t know who to talk to that’s why I am writing you, can you please help me? My housemaid is possessed I don’t need proof from a man of the church to know this as I have seen a lot.

We brought her six months ago from the village and we have tried to take her back twice, the first time my husband had a deadly accident and he still cannot walk, the second time I decided she must leave, I had a miscarriage.

We don’t go to church in my home, we aren’t religious, so it’s difficult for me to call an exorcist because I wouldn’t know the genuine ones.

When we brought her from the village, we were so happy finally someone to take care of the kids, play with them and also with a little with chores, but bringing her was the worst mistake my husband and I made, I have seen this girl in my dreams, sometimes at night she will come into our bedroom and just stare at us, we won’t be able to move, it’s like we would be paralyzed.

I and my husband have been sacked from work, under six months we have depleted our accounts, is this normal? All my friends don’t come to visit, they tell me after visiting she would appear to them and tell them never to come back or she will deal with them.

She’s just a kid, what do I do? How do I take her back to her parents, I have always been against child abuse, I have never believed in stuffs like this, but now I have no doubts this is for real, my husband cannot walk, my kids are scared of her, we live in fear each day, please help me post this, I need help.



What do you advice this woman to do?

Seek help immediately, call people to bundle her and take her back to the village, you don’t need a pastor, you can free yourself from this shackles, engage in ceaseless prayers, make the house too hot for her with prayers, if she looks at you look at her back, don’t be scared of her, people like that thrive on fear.

If you think she’s your problem, send her back, or ask someone else to.