Kissing on the first date is no biggie, neither is having sex, now this is my opinion and I don’t need sanctimonious know how to dispute this.

The heart of man {and woman} is very unpredictable, it’s a pity when you feel you’ve got someone figured out, even psychologists/therapists have sometimes been mislead or rather deceived by their clients, they were confident enough that they have got them figured out, but the truth remains we really cannot study the human mind.
While I respect people’s wishes about “No sex before marriage” I proudly do not fall into that category, never have, never will and that’s why on our first date we need to be open about what it is we really want, Fun? Just a fling? Dating? Or you just want to be kinky.
Sex is consensual, it happens, we get carried away and it just happens, don’t feel bad when you don’t get a call back from the guy or girl, you weren’t used, you just satisfied a need and it’s time to move on with your shoulder raised very high.
I have seen couples who I know in my heart will spend eternity together, they did it on the first date, I mean they went “Johnny Bravo” on each other, you see these things are really unpredictable, it works out for some people and others well it just ain’t your luck, don’t stress it.
Kissing on the first date is no biggie only if you both find each other attractive, I don’t mean physically, I mean intellectually, there’s this connection between two people who got so much in common, they talk for hours, laugh together, and this is the first date, believe me if it’s only a kiss that happens you’re lucky, try as you may to control it, the body wants what it wants.
Hey! There’s no reason not to be happy for a moment, live life because truly no one is guaranteed a tomorrow, Kissing on the first date is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of.
Ibeji Isabella