I am confused as I write this, I don’t know if my boyfriend likes or he just likes  men, because at first he just wanted to try something different and I agreed.

At first I was cool with it, I just thought he loved being kinky like me but this one don pass my power, during intercourse he doesn’t even touch me anymore, it’s the other guy we invite that does the touching, I have asked my man several if he prefers men, he said no he just likes threesome.

How do I get my man back, I love being kinky also but I’d like for him to either tell me if he’s gay or not, I really don’t mind if he’s gay I have no problem with that but for him to cover it up in the name of being “Kinky” is what pisses me off.

Now I am tired of all these whole threesome, he hasn’t touched me in months, the different men we invite does the touching, he won’t even allow me play with him, he won’t even let me kiss him.
Please I need help, do I leave or just manage him like that, real boyfriends are scarce especially when you find one who’s as weird as you’re.



My dear, your man is Gay, you either accept it now or later, are you going to be having intercourse with different men all your life? Have you tried for the other partner to be a woman? Must it always be a man? Leaving is entirely up to you, it seems both of you have a perfect working arrangement and you like it, the only problem here is your man doesn’t touch you anymore he prefers the company of men rather than yours.

If you end up with this guy, your life is going to be sexless, you’re just gonna be a statutory wife, he’s gay and you should either accept this fact and stay if you want to, or remain at your own peril.