My  husband’s friend caught me with another man in a hotel now he wants a piece.

I’m just going to go straight to the point, I have never loved my husband and to make it worse I was forced to marry him.

I come from a very wretched home, none of us went to school, none of us was successful in anything we did including my parents so we he kids hawked anything that was in season to help them out.

One day I was hawking at Main Market Onitsha when this very ugly pot-bellied elderly man called to purchase some “Okpa” from me, I was sixteen at the time, he kept telling me how beautiful I am and if I had a boyfriend I told him no I didn’t that my father would kill me if I did, he exclaimed so no one is eating that thing, I asked which thing; he said never mind that I can bring my goods to his shop anytime.

Three months after that incident he came to my father and told him he wanted to marry me and also send me to school, my father didn’t even blink, he was wealthy and it means the whole family responsibility would fall on him, I had no say in the matter, I was bundled up and shipped off to his house, a year later I gave birth.

True to his words he sent me to school, I started with adult education first, then he paid someone to write my exams for me to get into the university, during my first year in school, I got pregnant with our second child, I had promised myself after the first that I wouldn’t get pregnant again but I don’t know how this one happened.

Long story short, after my second child and the 4th year in the university, I met someone, it wasn’t easy, I wasn’t a cheat, my husband was my first, but I never loved him, the first time I made love with my school lover I decided my husband knew nothing about love making, I tried to show him what I had learned, he was shocked and told me never to try that again as it was only prostitutes who did that.

I have been seeing my lover for 5 years now, he’s established and okay, he wants me to leave my husband for him which I am ready to because I love him, last week we were at our regular hangout when a very close friend of my husband saw us leaving a room together, there was absolutely no lie I could formulate at that moment, the grief was all over my face, we pretended we didn’t know each other, I wailed in the car, I told my lover I was doomed, he consoled me and said maybe this is the opportunity we might need so I can leave as he can no longer be sleeping with another man’s wife, he wants to make me his own.

Now my husband’s friend has been calling and threatening, saying I should come give him what I have been giving to other people unless he will tell my husband.

What should I do? Should I tell my husband myself so I can finally leave and be with who I want?

Please help me!



Hmm, this is a tricky one but you need to stop sleeping with your lover first, tell your husband all that’s been going on, make sure you’re not alone with him when you tell him, invite your people to be there, tell him you need space and you’d understand if he doesn’t want you anymore, send me emails and tell me his reaction from this first and we can know what to do next.