I have been sharing other people’s stories now I will like to talk about mine, it might sound funny but these sort of things happen always where a member of a family tries to marry someone out without their permission; sometimes these arranged marriages work out, other times it’s a disaster, here’s my experience with someone who said he wanted to marry me.

I got to admit I got a step-dad who’s nice whenever he wants to be; he has his good and bad days, doesn’t everyone? We rarely talk though except for the usual, I don’t tell him personal things so I was surprised when he and his friend decided to marry me off to one of their friends without my permission.

I don’t like calls so I rarely receive any, one morning someone called me and said he wanted to marry me, this was how our conversation went

Man: hello, hello, someone from your church gave me your number, I want to marry you, I stay at Abuja, I do business, the person said you’re a very good girl and will make a good wife material.

I was already boiling with anger, who would want to play such an expensive joke on me? None of my friends would do something like that; they know how I felt about marriage so I ruled them out, maybe someone had given out my number, a million thoughts went through my brain in the space of a minute, so I responded

Me: hello who’s this?

Man: my name is so so so, I’m calling from Abuja, I want to marry you, someone from your church gave me your number.

Me:  church? But I don’t go to church, you much have the wrong number, and please don’t ever in your life call me, I dropped the call.

Well he called again and began to brag, saying how I don’t know who’s who, I shouldn’t hang up on people, do I know who he is, he wants to marry me, that I sound very hot tempered, so I asked him

Me: Someone gave you my number?

Him: Yes

Me: Who? What’s his or her name?

Him: That’s not important, will you marry me or not

Me: alright, what’s my name?

Him: ermm ermm, well I want to marry you

Me: whats my name?

Anyway he kept blabbing, the husband material had apparently forgot to ask for his potential wife’s name, he kept saying how my name wasn’t important all that was important was that, I am a godly girl, I am a good wife material, I go to church and all the rubbish he could think of so I told him

Me: Oga, I don’t know you but it’s obvious you have been deceived, I don’t go to church, I don’t know what’s the criteria for being a wife material and I am possessed with marine spirit, keep calling at your own peril, well this time he hung up, mission accomplished.

I wasn’t expecting this to be the handiwork of my step-dad, so I was shocked when he came back and started talking about marriage plans, What! Wait! It was you; you gave someone my number without my permission? How could you even do that? He said he didn’t want to his friend convinced him, so he called his friend, that one came over, when I gave him a piece of my mind, he apologized and asked me what my decision was I told them what the potential husband said on the phone, how potential husband didn’t know potential wife’s name, they all agreed he hadn’t gone about it the right way.

Well that’s my own arrangee story, what’s yours?