First I need to say this is all my fault, I should have told my wife I am sterile (Impotent); I was afraid I would lose her because she’d always talk about having kids, she loved kids one time I had jokingly said to her, why don’t we adopt she screamed never, she wanted biological kids so I didn’t tell her about my condition.

My mother made things worse, two years into our marriage, she started giving my wife hell, I tried to stop her but she wanted grandkids at all cost, my wife would cry day and night, she would question God and beg me we should go for tests, each time I’d tell her its God that gives children and his time is the best, then I would suggest adoption she would hear none of that.

If my mother wasn’t giving her hell, my sisters were, I was the only son and age was no longer getting on my side. Three years into our marriage after I had begged my wife to allow us adopt and she refused, I allowed my mother and my sisters make her life hell, I hoped with this maltreatment she would say yes to the adoption, but damn that woman, she’s as stubborn as a mule she wouldn’t bulge.

During our fourth year, I noticed she stopped crying, whenever my mum and sisters came to torment her life she would just smile at them, she started dressing nice, looking good and gained a little weight, I was hoping finally we would adopt, then one weekend, she gave me the shocker of my life, “Honey we’re pregnant” I knew this wasn’t possible, the doctors had told me I would never father a child, how on earth did this happen? The shock on my face my wife mistook for surprise.

The next day I went to a different doctor and carried out another test, the result was the same, I went to four different hospitals, the results were the same, then it dawned on me, My Wife Was cheating. I couldn’t ask her how come she’s pregnant, I would have to expose myself and everyone would know I am responsible for our childlessness, I manned up, it took me time but I had to forgive her, after all it’s the same as adoption.

Our first child is five years old and my wife told me yesterday night she’s expecting another baby, I was mad, I screamed at her “who’s the father, have you been cheating on me again” she swore with her life, but I knew the truth. How do I tell her I know our kids aren’t mine, that I have been responsible for the pains she’s been going through, if I tell her she would leave me, I know she will, I love our kids, I don’t care who the father is, I just want her to know I know and I forgive her if she can forgive me.


Like you said Mr. the fault lies with you, you made her go through so much pain she felt she had no other option than to give you and your family babies, you and your family pushed her beyond her limits and she had to do what she did.

She’s your wife and she loves you no matter what, no woman would go to this extent to give her husband children, she wanted the shame to roll away from you and herself, I believe now she knows the fault is yours but she’s still with you.

You need to tell her the truth and also have her tell you who the father of your kids are and if it’s not a serious affair she needs to break it off immediately.