Nigerian men have very high standards; it’s either a 100% with them or no percent at all, if you’re going to be considered a wife material (100yards) you need to be all these things, so please read, simulate, understand and put them in practice.

Dating a Nigerian man is no easy task, if he wants you to be a color, my sister you got to be the whole rainbow and more, he’s never contented with just one color. A Nigerian man when choosing a wife will tell you first “I am an African man” not a Nigerian man, when he says this he means you got to imbibe the good side of the 54 African countries in Africa ( their cultures and traditions).
Now my dear sister, you ever wonder why you haven’t been upgraded from Girlfriend material to Fiancée status? Or promoted from fiancée status to wife status?It’s because you haven’t exhibited these characters.
You must know how to cook.
This is very important, without food your score in the Nigerian man’s score card is zero, this is a criterion you must possess, there’s no way around this one, if you don’t know this magic rule you’re probably going to remain a girlfriend till the real wife material shows up. Even if you do know how to cook, never run away from hot oil while frying fish, this is also a big disqualification, you must be able to stand firm and not dive into the nearest available corner when oil splashes.
If your father is late never tell a Nigerian man.
This might sound funny but it’s the truth, a Nigerian man doesn’t want to hear your father died before your mother, it automatically means to him he’s going to die before you, Nigerian men take these sort of things very serious, they are very traditional, just tell him your father stays abroad and your family lost communication with him, this is far better.
Never tell him your parents are divorced.
Yes don’t ever ever ever tell him this, if you have any hope of getting married. According to Nigerian men, a woman who comes from a broken home will never make a good wife, and to them it must be her mother’s fault why the father left, this is an automatic disqualification from the wife material status, if you really want to marry him, just tell him your father married two wives and he prefers to stay with his other family.
Don’t ever tell him you know how to suck dick.
How dare you tell that to a Nigerian man, so you’re a dick sucker, so you have been sucking plenty men’s dick. Whenever you get asked this question, reply with a resounding No! if he wants to try it, forget your expertise and become a learner, let him teach you, let him feel like his dick is the first one to ever grace the softness of your mouth, if not you’re automatically considered a whore and you know what next, you’re disqualified from the wife material race.

When a Nigerian man asks you how many men you’ve been with?
Lie! I repeat lie! This is a trap, he’s going to say he doesn’t mind, and then when you tell him the truth he looks at you differently. If you have been with 10 men say 2, if you have been with 20 say 4 and if you have been with uncountable men just tell him 7, if you ever tell a Nigerian man the true number of men you have been with, well let’s just say you’d never leave the girlfriend race.
Are you bisexual?
He’s going to cajole you, says he loves it, say he wants to try it, even if you are tell him NO! And if he keeps talking it about, let him bring the female and then act like a complete novice, do this and thank me later, if you show some sort of expertise, he’s never going to trust you with another female and you know what that means, Disqualification!
Single mum?Keep mum (don’t tell him yet)
This is a sign of waywardness according to the book of wife material written by Nigerian men, it means you have been fucking around for a long time, it means you have been doing it raw for a while, they don’t care to know the circumstance which brought about your bundle of joy, they just know you have a kid out of wedlock, keep this a secret till you’re married and thank me later, if not that ring is never getting on your finger.
You must be a graduate or own a business.
This is very important, if you’re a graduate, you must be ready not to practice your profession if you ever hope to get married to a Nigerian man, he has plans to rent a shop for you already so don’t bother, please have it in mind that you need to be ringing it in his ears you’re ready to do this when you’re dating so you can be elevated to wife material status.
Is your virginity still intact?
Well we all might be lucky in this aspect as this is not a criterion for all Nigerian men; it’s just about 99.9%, who knows you might be lucky to meet the 1% who doesn’t want to marry a virgin.
Are you ready to get pregnant before marriage?
Please let your answer be yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to fake the pregnancy, never ever say NO to this question, if not you’ll be considered barren, or used up, or all your kids have been flushed away, it doesn’t matter if the fault is from the man, if you ever want to be elevated to wife material status please say yes to this rule.
Are you ready to be a maid to his family?
Yes yes yes yes and yes, I don’t need to explain this one to you, you get the idea.
Lie about your age.
Reduce it by ten years if possible, they don’t want to marry someone who’s close to their age, if you’re 30 say 25 if you’re 25 say 19, they want to date you for a while to see if you fit the criteria of wife materials.
Do you have a video of you on the internet Twerking?
When a Nigerian man has decided you have scaled all the hurdles to qualify to be a wife material, no one does a better investigation than his family members, oh my, the FBI is still a learner when a Nigerian man has told his family he wants to marry you, they become spies and undercover agents, they go on secret missions to your village, your primary, secondary and university, they even visit your ancestral burial ground to make sure you’re indeed the right one for their son, so if you’ve got nudes, twerking videos, or what they might consider inappropriate please DELETE!
This might seem funny to y’all but Nigerian men know this is the truth in their hearts, they set so much standards that we forget who we are in the process of trying to fit into their specifications, many men have missed good women because they don’t fit these standards and many women have lost good men because they feel these are ridiculous standards to be met, anyway, if you have plans of getting married to a Nigerian man, exhibit these traits, be it true or a façade it don’t matter till you have been elevated to WIFE.