How do men get to choose which babe get to be side or main chic?

I just cannot wrap my head around this one, it’s funny to me, always will be. There’s an epic battle between main chics and side chics, it’s like a government position, as long as you’re the self-acclaimed or family proclaimed main chic you give your man a free ride and flaunt it in whoever’s face that as long as he comes back home to you he can fuck as many women as he wants.

Now my question remains, how does a man dating two or more women decides who gets the ultimate title of “ MAIN CHIC” and who’s demoted to “SIDE CHIC” does it have to do with Character? Sex? Independence? Looks? Charisma? Social Life? Etc.

Please dear men we will all like an answer to this, you’re dating two good girls and in your heart you have already decided who’s main chic, why not just stop at main chic, why must there always be a side chic, we aren’t guinea pigs you know, the good lord didn’t create some of us to be experimented with.

Do you know some ladies are contented with the “SIDE CHIC TITLE” oh yea! They hope if they fuck him good enough, fed him well, pamper him and tolerate his bad habits one day they might be elevated to “MAIN CHIC STATUS” My sisters Una Weldone O, the struggle is indeed real.

Most of these men go ahead to tell these ladies, we have a girlfriend, but things are complicated  (decade old format), they say they wanna try with you and see if it would work, they complain how supposed main chic is giving them issues, Auntie whenever you hear these repeated lines run for your dear life, you just encountered a #FuckBoy with the #FuckboySyndrome. He tells you, let’s not put a label on the relationship yet because I’m still hung over my girlfriend, if things doesn’t work out then you and I can be serious but for now let’s just be fucking.

I get that we are adults and everyone is liable to any decision they take, but please don’t deceptively motivate or coerce our decisions, just tell us straight up, “ALL I WANT FROM YOU IS SEX” some of us might even be down for it, we all don’t need your  baggage anyway.

Women I have said this repeatedly, there’s nothing like “MAIN CHIC OR SIDE KPEPKEYE” if he’s fucking someone else all of una na side chics till he wife’s one of y’all, some women actually wear the main chic title with so much pride, they stay at home and cook, wash, clean and fuck him, just to form loyal girlfriend, dear sister you’re wasting your limited time, he’s out there adventuring and sliding into every tight pussy and you’re busy forming “wife material” I pity your vagina.

We need to put a stop to this, ladies if you find out the guy asking you out is already in a relationship, do not spoil it for another girl, tell the bobo to waka pass, tell him to take an overhead bridge over yo ass, it’s really desperate when you know he’s got someone and you’re there trying to make him fall in love with you, these things happen only 3% of the time and that’s only in Oyibo movies, or naija the babe fit come pour you sapele water {Acid}.

Men please stay with yo main chics, leave us alone, let us find our main bobo also, don’t come and sweet talk us just to do batman inside our pussy, sometimes we are weak, we can’t say no, it’s cos we’re lonely and wanna experience some type of affection.
Sorry if you find my choice of words profane but the truth needs to be spoken and written.
If you aren’t ready to love us wholeheartedly stop playing with our emotions, most women these are psychological wrecks just waiting to snap, and then you push them to their limit then they snap, they either kill, maim or do something worse to you, now your story don turn matter for internet.