We know our Nigerian men can be really funny and weird but we love them none the less. Before a man and a woman feel very comfortable in a relationship, like farting in each other’s presence, snoring, taking baths together, these are things a Nigerian man hurriedly does in the bathroom before the lady comes to join him.

He checks his balls out: hehehe, yea, funny, but it’s the truth, I happen to have peeped one time and I saw this dude congratulating his balls, I’m like WTF what’s he looking for down there.

He farts and air freshen the toilet, and he does it very quickly, and waves his hands all over the air to chase the smell away, how silly

He smells armpit

He shaves real quick, armpit, down there, face, you don’t have to blame him, a brother is trying to get laid.
He hurriedly takes a shit

He strokes play toy, plays with it, looks at the tip and then if it’s the big size smiles to himself and keeps saying to himself, she go hear wheeeen today

He just keeps looking himself at the mirror, I keep wondering what he’s looking out.