I am outraged, confused and totally pissed off and worse I can’t do anything about it as our wedding is in a few months’ time.

I thought I had found the man of my dreams when we started dating, he was and still is everything any lady would want in a man but for years now I have been having doubts, I think he’s cursed because I cannot explain these attitudes, one minute he’s sane and loving the next minute he wants to shag all my friends and because of him I don’t have friends anymore I have chased them all away, fought with them, kept malice with them, I don’t understand anymore.

The first time I caught him was with a colleague I had introduced to him, I was supposed to travel but when I got to the airport the flight was delayed and I started having menstrual cramps, I needed a bed to lay down so badly I got a cab and went home, hmm I wish I hadn’t because when I entered the house both of them were running around naked playing love, I almost died of shock, I slumped into the chair, the idiot of a colleague hurriedly put on her clothes and ran out of the house, when I got to work I reported her to our boss, he did nothing of course saying it’s our personal life and we shouldn’t bring it to the office.

Second time I caught the man who’s supposed to be mine alone with another of my friends was just two weeks after the first incidence, he had begged and begged and swore my colleague seduced him, I foolishly believed him, he was a ladies man, rich and handsome who wouldn’t want a piece I said to myself; this time they were doing it in his car near the house, I was driving to the house and saw his car parked, I wondered what might have happened, so I got down from my car and went over, words cannot explain what my eyes saw, with so much anger I took a stone and broke the glass, I still have a scar from the incidence, he begged again and I forgave him.

I have caught him countless times, he bought me a car one time to apologize, but this recent one has got me worried, he flaunts it in my face, he doesn’t apologize anymore, he tells me “babe you know I’m a flawed human being, I cannot help myself” but must it be my friends?

I used to have so many friends, I kept in touch with all my friends, from primary to secondary school and the university, now I don’t have much friends, I don’t know how he does it, if I introduce you to him believe me he will sleep with you, even the married and engaged ones, Bella, I am so tired, is he jazzed? Or does he charm them? Me I must marry him o, I don’t care, I will stop having friends if that’s what it takes.

I can’t leave him now, I have wasted five years if my life with this moron, and I think I might be pregnant, how do I cope? I want to marry him so bad, but for a while now I haven’t been happy.

What do I do?