I used to love her, but I don’t know what happened I don’t love her anymore, maybe it’s because I met someone else at work and I can’t get my mind off her.

How do I tell my girlfriend of eight years its over? She’s been good to me, I used to be wretched and small minded, she brushed my whole life up, put her life on hold so I could pursue my dreams, I don’t want to get into facts here so she doesn’t know she’s the one but I need help in breaking up with her without hurting her.

I am ready to pay her off, she’s wealthy so I don’t think money will placate her, maybe me and my new girlfriend should just run away. I am confused, how do I break this gently to her?



You need to be man enough and tell her how much of a jerk you’ve been, tell her its over so she can move on and meet someone who’s truly worthy of her, I hope you get what’s coming to you.