It’s been said men cheat better but women cheat smarter, do I agree with this? Well as a woman I’m supposed to but this is not for me to say, I have seen cases of men having multiple women as partners, promising them marriage, or the promise of forever together, I have also seen women do the same but smartly.

Now we might wonder why we say all the time, men are cheats, men are wicked, men are polygamous in nature but what we fail to say is women are these things too, women cheat! But because the society frowns on any woman who cheat; we have devised a way to go unnoticed or when we do get caught we become the victims instead of the perpetrator lol!

It is expected of a man to cheat, but it’s not for a woman, only a few men who have witnessed firsthand a woman cheating can tell you what the experience is like. When a woman cheats on a man, It hurts much more than when a man cheats on a woman, I have never understood this though, why must it, we feel the same type of love don’t we?

A man cheats openly, he flaunts it, his friends are aware, even sometimes his families, but when a woman cheats, she’s even convinced herself her vagina isn’t aware of it, damn, we so smooth, calculative and finessed, and when we do decide to cheat nothing can stop us.

Now it’s pertinent to know women aren’t cheats by nature, this is the truth, why I have never believed men are polygamous in nature but the truth still remains men cheat a lot more than women, but women just cheat smarter. Why does a woman cheat? Why would a woman cheat? Why will a woman cheat? What makes a woman cheat? You see the similarities in these questions? There’s no excuse to cheat or for cheating, to cheat on someone is a horrible thing to do, but sadly cheating have been imbibed into our everyday lives now we see it as a norm.

When a man cheats on us, we see signs, he leaves clues for us to find, he becomes overly excited about his sexcapades, or scared and anxious. Now this is where a woman triumphs in cheating, we rarely talk about it, we don’t tell anyone, we don’t feel guilty or overly excited about it and sometimes we don’t even regard it as cheating. Women are smarter killers than men, women are smarter cheats than men and that’s why you find fewer women who engage in these acts.

I have always been an advocate of don’t or never cheat on your partner, if you can’t take the heat walk away, this is just to let the men know, we haven’t caught us doing it don’t mean we don’t or cant it’s not just in our nature.

My Opinion.