Honestly I am sincerely tired, at first it was fun and I loved her for it but these days, it’s like she’s a nympho.

We do it every day and worse we live together, there’s no break, I’m afraid that if I finish all the sweetness now what will I enjoy in marriage and I can’t even say no to her, sometimes I try but she’s just to seductive and we end up doing it for hours.

Is it possible to finish the sweetness, I feel we should take a break, these days she’s always hot, as soon as I’m back from work she hurriedly feeds me and voila we tearing each other down, sometimes she makes me take Viagra just to satisfy her, it isn’t fun anymore, please I don’t want to die.



Loll, you sir are very funny, it’s obvious you need a break from her, but who gets to leave the house? You stay together so I’m assuming you share the rent, why not sit her down and talk or better still buy her a love machine to ease this stress from you, trust me this will work.