I am done for, my boyfriend just told me this morning its over that his mother doesn’t want him to marry me, I think he’s mad, he must be after several abortions in fact he’s very stupid, what should I do? I’d rather kill myself or kill us both.

Its five years and he just realizes he doesn’t want to marry me, how can people be this callous, whenever I got pregnant he would cajole me to abort it, saying it wasn’t the right time and things were not great for him financially, I just did another abortion two months ago now he doesn’t want to marry me anymore, I feel used and suicidal, I won’t go silently.



My dear, you need to calm down and take it easy, don’t get worked up over nothing, not all relationships will lead to marriage, although he might have suggested the abortion you willingly went under the knife so don’t apportion blame to him alone.

Don’t kill yourself and don’t kill your boyfriend, it will help no one, what you should do for now is take time off, go somewhere, leave him be, start over, yes its hard and painful and might seem almost impossible but you will look back to this day and find out he never deserved you.

Just let him go, he’s not worth death or jail time.