So my girlfriend came to my house one night from school with her friend, truth is I have always warned her about that friend of hers, she’s just too wayward and flirts a lot but did my girlfriend listen NO!

Anyway that night I was angry but I just hid it, next day my girlfriend had to go to the market, I told her to take her friend with her she refused, immediately she left that one came to my room forming sexy, she didn’t even have to try too much, I made sure I played the hell out of her before my girlfriend came back.

I know she won’t say nothing, and I don’t even feel guilty, I layed with her to punish my girlfriend, next time when I tell her to avoid someone she will.

Maybe one day I will tell her but for now I will say nothing,




Do you expect a medal for this? I just have this policy where I don’t insult stupid people; it’s a waste of insults.

So if you don’t like a family member of your girlfriend’s you’d sleep with her too?

I hope she finds out very soon and leaves your ass, you don’t deserve her, and for that her friend, she’s going to get what’s coming to her