I came across your site just when I needed someone to talk to. I am 30 years. A male. I consider myself in all aspect due to get married.


The problem is my fiancés mother. She controls everything about her life, she finishes her ND, I promised to send her for HND, the woman said no that she want her to be working before marriage. I will set up a business for her after marriage, she’s still not pleased.


At first, she said we would do our introduction before June, until now, she hasn’t talk about it. All effort to get her speak proved abortive.


Those who are close to me want me to leave this girl, but I keep wondering if her mother sin is enough reason to free her.


Dear Bella, it a difficult situation, I live in my personal apartment all alone, I hope you understand the loneliness that involve.


Am very confused right now, the mother has been far from been a good in-law, the daughter has been good to me, time is not on my side. Am just as confused has ever.






I will advise you not to allow family come between a good relationship, it’s obvious you love the daughter, why not learn to adore, respect and honor her mother also? You have to call her mother and allow her know you’re the man, tell her involvement in the relationship you have with her daughter has to be minimal but you need to tell her this with love.


As for your fiancée she needs to talk to her mother. Have you asked your fiancée what she really wants? If she wants to work before marriage or do business? It seems you and her mother are the ones making her decisions for her, why not ask the young lady what she really wants.


Both of you love each other and that’s all that should matter, have a heart to heart talk with both mother and daughter and find out what the problem really is, I will advise you to put the introduction on hold till everyone has spoken their piece.