It’s been 4 years and he’s totally pretending like it’s not time yet, we are both okay financially and I’m really sure our love is pure so why hasn’t he?

I’m thinking of doing it this weekend, I don’t wanna tell any of my friends to ruin the surprise but I’m scared he might turn me down.

 What do I do?




First things first, it’s not wrong to want to take your relationship to the next level if your partner isn’t stepping up the game.

Where the problem is now is you’re unsure if he might accept your proposal, it means there are doubts in your relationship.

Why not just do the plain ol thing and have a heart to heart chat with him, ask him where the relationship is going, tell him your plans, make him understand you’re no more contented being just the girlfriend you want to be something more.

Hear what he says and if it favors you stick, if it doesn’t favor you move along.