I just found out I am the biggest fool of the century, I feel so used and right now I might do something to this girl really bad.
I am 35, and she’s 22, I knew her when she was 16 and made it known to her I would love to marry her, although I haven’t been celibate but I am a man and I can sleep with whoever I want to.

She got admission when she was 19, and I have tried my best to give her and best and make her very comfortable so she won’t be carried away by university life.

She said no sex before marriage, I agreed because I knew her family and they were strong Christians, I naturally assumed they had imbibed the notion into her so I didn’t even make an effort, I haven’t even kissed this chic before and now she’s telling me shit.

She’s graduating soon and we’re planning to get married but she just dropped a bomb, she’s not a virgin, I know she was a virgin when I met her, or was she? I don’t know I am confused, ever since she told me she’s refused to pick my calls or reply my messages.

I still love her but I am dying to know why she’s lied to me all these while, or did she get deflowered in school, oh my I am finished this girl has killed me, maybe she wants to break up I don’t know but my heart aches so much I cant breathe.

What do I do?




This virginity of a thing has made many girls become very deceptive, do I blame her for lying to you, yes I do, but if she was a virgin when you met her it means she’s been cheating on you and it’s not just a one night stand kind of cheating, she’s heavily involved with someone else.

If she doesn’t want to reply your messages or pick your calls, why not go pay her a visit and hear what she really has to say, first you need not attach much importance to the virginity because it’s gone, all you need to find out if she’s willing to move past that and be honest and tell you what’s really going on.

You being a man doesn’t give you the right to cheat, should I say you got caught in your own game, while you were busy saving her virginity and deceiving other girls, other men were busy helping you take care of her virginity, but I am not here to condemn anyone.

If you’re willing to forgive you must also be willing to forget and move on, I trust you can make this work.