For a long time I have had people ask me about my sexuality, its rather becoming uncomfortable to me.

Some just outright call me a lesbian their reason being they rarely see me with men and I promote same sex marriage which is a Taboo in Africa, so for as long as I can I have decided to avoid such question.

Today I am going to talk about my sexuality by going deep into history as to why my assumed sexual preference might not be as disgusting as Africans have been made to believe.

For the hypocrites, Homosexuality has a long history in Africa, contrary to the belief by Africans that it was brought by the “White Man”. For long we have been misled because we’re the new generations, we do not know our cultures and history, the “White Man” came and brainwashed us and made what was a “Norm” seem evil.

Should I talk about women who married other women during the old days? These women get married to their fellow women and allow other men sleep with them for the reason of procreation, but we ignore this as a part of sexual preference, what do you think goes on at night when these two women are together?

At least more than twenty one cultural varieties of same-sex relationships have long been part of traditional African life, so how is being “GAY” not African? It’s been in existence for a very long time, we had no name for it, we just accepted it as part of our culture, we didn’t kill anyone because of it back in the day, it was encouraged, people were not stigmatized back then for their sexual preference not until the “White Man” came and said it was wrong.

Among Cape Bantu, lesbianism was ascribed to women who were in the process of becoming chief diviners, known as isanuses.

Same-sex relationships were reported amongst other groups in Uganda, including the Bahima.

In the former Kingdom of Dahomey, women could be soldiers (above) and older women would sometimes marry younger women.

The  Baganda. King Mwanga II, the Baganda monarch, was widely reported to have engaged in sexual relations with his male subjects.

In traditional, monarchical Zande culture, anthropological records described homosexuality as ‘‘indigenous”. The Azande of the Northern Congo ‘‘routinely married” younger men who functioned as temporary wives – a practise that was institutionalised to such an extent that warriors would pay ‘‘brideprice” to the young man”s parents.

In the early 17th century in present-day Angola, Portuguese priests Gaspar Azevereduc and Antonius Sequerius encountered men who spoke, sat and dressed like women, and who entered into marriage with men. Such marriages were ‘‘honored and even prized”.

In the Iteso communities, based in northwest Kenya and Uganda, same-sex relations existed amongst men who behaved as and were socially accepted as women.

In pre-colonial Benin, homosexuality was seen as a phase that boys passed through and grew out of.

In the late 1640s, a Dutch military attaché documented Nzinga, a warrior woman in the Ndongo kingdom of the Mbundu, who ruled as ‘‘king” rather than ‘‘queen”, dressed as a man and surrounded herself with a harem of young men who dressed as women and who were her ‘‘wives”.

3.Eighteenth century anthropologist, Father J-B. Labat, documented the Ganga-Ya-Chibanda, presiding priest of the Giagues, a group within the Congo kingdom, who routinely cross-dressed and was referred to as ‘‘grandmother”.

In the former Kingdom of Dahomey, women could be soldiers (above) and older women would sometimes marry younger women, according to anthropologist Melville Herkovits.

This is just a little about the history of “Homosexuality” in Africa, it was and is still is “being” practiced in Africa the only difference is the “White Man” has corrupted our minds towards it.

I am a girl who’s always appreciated the beauty of other women, does that make me “EVIL” “ABOMINABLE” it’s called “CHOICE” and that choice is called “SEXUAL PREFERENCE”

People need to stop asking other people what their sexual preferences are, it’s an insult to the gender, I am a woman doesn’t mean I have to like men, and I am a man doesn’t mean I have to like women, it’s in our DNA, our genetics have been programmed to love who we will love and we have no control over this, we’re not demons neither have we been possessed, we have no control over this and it’s not a sickness that can be cured.

The White Man didn’t bring “HOMOSEXUALITY” into Africa it’s existed even before we were born.


Ibeji Isabella.