Bella I know this might sound crazy but it’s the truth, my boyfriend is a thief {pickpocket, armed robber} and he’s not trying to hide it anymore.

When we started dating he would change my phones twice a week, my laptops were always the latest and I don’t even want to talk about the gold chains I adorn on my neck or the earrings, I was feeling on top of the world, my friends were jealous and they were expecting I would get a car soon which I did of course, he got it for me four months after we started dating.

He would travel all the time for business, well that’s what I was meant to believe, any money he made he would stash in my account, now I have a big boutique and I am doing very well for myself but 2 months ago, I received a call from him saying I should come to a state it was an emergency, a life or death situation.

I got there and was directed to a police station, Bella what I saw till today I can’t forget, my boyfriend was chained up like a dog, beaten beyond recognition, it was an eyesore, he was so ashamed he couldn’t even look at me, there and then I was told what he does, I was almost arrested but I claimed to be his sister, an officer asked for 2million bail money but I had recently stocked my boutique so I parted with 500k.

I am scared for my life, he said he’s never killed anyone he’s just surviving and he’s good at it, this guy is frigging rich, I have begged him to quit but he says it’s all he knows best. Now he wants me to get pregnant incase he dies, someone to carry his family name, but I want to leave him, I can’t birth a future thief, we don’t have thieves in our lineage and my child won’t be the first.

He’s travelled again, and I know this time for sure it’s for criminal purposes, I want to sell the shop and run away, gather enough money and go stay in one country like that, I am afraid if I tell him I’m leaving he would kill me, I love him but I can’t just be with a thief.




You invited the musician and now you need to dance to his music, why are some women so gullible? What were you thinking? That you met Dangote’s son? He bought you a car, stashed money in your account, changed your phones like sanitary pads and you were not bothered even without a visible source of income in sight? You my dear friend are the criminal here.

You think when you run away one day he won’t find you? You want to run away with his sweat and heart, you’re wicked, you better stay with him till he’s caught or one day killed and only then you can be free, this is Karma knocking on your door princess are you ready to face the tune?

The only advice I got for you, you need some fuckin prayers in your life right now, you need daddy Jesus, and all the hosts of heavens to come to your rescue, if you want to run away fine but do you want to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder? The only way you can be free, drop everything he’s ever gotten for you and flee empty handed.