How do I stop her from sleeping around?
Bella I’m beginning to think my girlfriend is possessed with the “Spirit of Play” if there’s any such thing.
I have caught her several times, forgiven her several times, spoken to her, counseled her, cried for her, begged her, the only thing I haven’t done yet is die for her which might happen soon.
She’s always sorry, sometimes I don’t even catch her, she comes to tell me herself and cries all through saying she doesn’t know what comes over her, two of my friends have slept with her, I had to stop being friends with them because they knew of her predicament and took advantage of her.
I’m thinking she’s sick or possessed or a nymphomaniac, I try my best to satisfy her sexually but it’s not working, you don’t even have to try hard with her before she says yes and voila its play, I have asked her if she does it with protection she says sometimes.
I don’t want to leave her because I know what’s wrong with her isn’t natural, I love her and want to marry her but how am I sure she won’t sleep with all my family members and friends, do we need a therapist? Please I don’t understand, I know she doesn’t mean to do it, it just happens.


It seems your girlfriend might have a sexual psychological problem, both of you need to visit a therapist ASAP.
But it’s really sweet seeing a Youngman who would over look this problem and still want to help out, you’re an example of what love should be like.
Try and get professional help and get back to me, I am very much interested in your story.