Oh trust me I’m not mincing words, he’s a moron, but a rich one, that’s why I can’t leave him for now, please make this anonymous.

I think he must have been dropped on his head while he was a baby, he’s dumb, stupid and a weak lover.

I thought the money was going to make me happy, but even my dildos aren’t working anymore.

Now he’s asked me to marry him, I wonder whatever gave him that impression I want to spend my life with him or have a stupid kid.

I have saved enough, I am leaving, this is a vent email Bella, I really don’t need advice I just want to vent.




People like you are the reason why some men think women are just after money or vice versa, in other words you sold your body to him for money, my dear clap for yourself.

You wanted this to be anonymous but I am not the Karma that would judge you, you’re going to get yours, the money you have saved use it wisely, one day it might just finish and I wonder who your next maga will be, that’s if you come out alive from that one.