These days the smell is unbearable, when we’re are making love, I’d wanna tell her about the smell but my toy would just go flaccid and I’d lose interest, this thing is killing our relationship and she’s such a pretty girl, I don’t know how to tell her without hurting her feelings.
Recently after she finished playing with me, she asked me to do same, I put my head down there and I almost died, I couldn’t go on with it, she felt bad and asked what was wrong, I told her I had stomach upset.
When we bathe together, I volunteer to help her wash down there, I thought she wasn’t washing it properly but the smell still persists, I wonder if she doesn’t perceive it, please how do I gently tell her without hurting her feelings.
You not telling her is already hurting her feelings, she feels you’re not returning the same favors and she doesn’t know why.
How do you claim to love someone and not be able to talk with/to them?
Please tell her ASAP so she can get serious medical help, both of you need medical help.
Tell her and get back to me, trust me, she would appreciate the fact it’s coming from you and not someone else.