My wife is like a log of wood on bed.

I am seriously thinking of getting it somewhere else, I can’t bear the hunger anymore.

Bella, I have read most of you advice concerning couples, maybe you might help me out of this dilemma I am in. I married my wife a virgin, I wasn’t a virgin myself I had tons of  experiences, I was hoping I would impact my knowledge to my virgin wife to be but I am frustrated now.

On our wedding night it was war to get her to take off her undies, I kept begging for us to be intimate, she screamed and ran out of the hotel room, it was embarrassing for me, after that episode, she won’t let me touch her for weeks, I had to get her drunk one time before she allowed me touch her.

These days, she lets me touch her but doesn’t reciprocate, she lies there like a witch staring at me till I am done, I have tried all my techniques, I have tried making her watch adult movies, I have even suggested a threesome but she wouldn’t budge, I masturbate like a fish these days, I am honestly tired.

I married a virgin because I wanted it tight, I wanted a something that will last me forever without slacking like most Nigerian girls, someone I wouldn’t get tired of, someone I wouldn’t cheat on, but I can’t cope, I need to let this daddy loose, I can’t keep torturing myself.



What’s the hype about being a virgin I have often wondered? You see, virginity is overrated, it’s a choice most people take because of reasons best known to them which I respect.

You have tons of  experience and got married to someone who doesn’t, how did you envision this would work? It was doomed to fail from the beginning, all you need to do is talk to your wife, let her know your frustration and pent up sexual urge, cheating will definitely solve nothing, it will only drive you further away from your wife.

Find out what she really likes, your tons of knowledge isn’t working; it’s obvious your forcing your experience on her and not taking it slow, remember she’s got no experience.

Patience is the key here, believe me when she becomes comfortable, you will be the one complaining she likes it too much.