I love her so much, we were so young and in love when we took the oath, but things haven’t been great for us financially, I’m 35 and she’s 31, she says her parents are on her neck to get married and she wants to break the oath.

I don’t know If we can break it, we did it in our university days, we have been together for a very long time, she’s given me an ultimatum, marry her or she marries someone else even If it kills her.

What do I do Bella, I earn 45k a month, that’s not enough to get married and start a family, I don’t even have my own apartment. I don’t want to break the oath, I don’t want to die because I did it with all my heart, how do I convince her to wait till things get better? Even if we can break the oath I don’t want to, I’d rather die.



Hmmm, I am honestly short of words, what type of oath was it? I am no expert when it comes to oaths but I know blood oaths are very hard to break.

You say you don’t earn much, 45k is not really small to get married and raise a family, people started with much less, she’s 31 and you’re 35, and you have been dating for a long time, I am thinking almost a decade, both of you need to pull your resources together and make your life work, better days will come.

It’s obvious she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with you, but dating isn’t going to cut it for her anymore, do the right thing brother, wife that lady, unless she doesn’t want to marry you anymore.

But first you need to visit a bible believing church and break that bondage both o you put yourselves in.