I need your help please, how do I approach a woman who’s 20 years older than me?

I know it might sound weird but I am in love with my boss, she’s a single mum, very beautiful and intelligent. She doesn’t even look her age, you would think she’s in her late 20’s.

I work directly under her, I have hid my feelings for almost a year, I can’t anymore, I might just quit my job, it’s torture whenever I have to work so close to have, I have asked to be transferred to another department but she stopped it saying I am very good at what I do.

I am going insane, she’s tall, slim, dark, shapely, oh my, words can’t describe her, sometimes she gives me a peck on the cheek and I have an instant erection, please help me.

Please don’t tell me I am too young for her, love knows no age, I am thinking maybe I should send her an email as a secret admirer, please just help me before I quit my job, I can’t stand the pressure anymore, I can’t even function properly when she’s around, what do I do?



Your email touched me deep, I used to be in love with someone way younger than I was, that didn’t work out well though but yours might.

Age is just a number as it isn’t a criterion for maturity, but it’s going to be embarrassing if you tell this woman you love her and she shuns you.

My Advice,

Start with the little things that matter, be extra nice and caring towards her, do things for her a prospective suitor will do, invite her out platonically, get her little presents, compliment her, show her how matured you can be, but first of all make sure there’s no one in her life who she’s with as this might complicate things.

Study her for a while, drop hints about how you feel subtly, don’t rush her, this is Africa we take this age thing serious.

Take it up from there and email me on your progress, I would love to help further.