Bella, I am done for, this guy spent almost 6 months asking me out, promising me he loved me and wanted to marry me, I had just gotten out of a relationship, I was hurt so bad so I took my time with this one.

He would come to my place of work each evening to pick me up, take me on romantic dates, he made me feel special.

Whenever he dropped me at home, he would just give me a light peck on the cheek and that was it. I was proud of him; I thought I had found the right man for me.

Three months after he began asking me out, the demand for play started, I told him I wasn’t ready, besides I didn’t want that before marriage anymore, I had wasted 3 years of my life doing that with someone who I thought wanted to marry me.

He was kind and patient, I was so in love, he never asked for it again, fast-forward six months later, we were at my place, having dinner, he began talking about it, truth be told, I was in the mood that day, so we had more wine and talked some more and before I knew it we were on my bed making passionate love.

It’s been two months after that day, he hasn’t called me back or picked my call, or come pick me from work, I haven’t seen him, it’s like he disappeared, I have been to his house, office, no one’s seen or heard of him, turned out the house was rented for a duration of some months, and the office, well he doesn’t even work there.

Bella, I am scared, did I sleep with a ghost? Because it seems strange that someone who’s been patient for a long time can just disappear after we had sex, I am so ashamed of myself and it’s been making me doubt myself.

What do I do?




Honey, we call that a one timer, a one nighter, a hit and run and also a psychopath.

They are prey/leeches who prey on helpless women, twist their emotions, make them fall in love with them and disappear.

Be the strong woman you are and move on, don’t call him anymore, invest time in yourself and work, and for your sake I hope you used protection.

My guess is, he’s married somewhere else with kids, living a normal life, there’s nothing I will say to you that will alleviate the hurt you’re feeling, but I’m going to try, sweetheart you need to let him go!

Love will find you, and when it does do not use this experience to judge someone who might truly love you.