As weird as it may sound I have never been in love, how does it feel like I have often wondered, I have been in relationships but I have never really been committed and could leave any time I want to.

My friends think I’m emotionally unstable or maybe I have been hurt by some guy but that’s far from the truth, I have never been hurt, I have been the one to hurt others when I get tired of a relationship, do you think something is wrong with me? Does being in love equate happiness? Do I need to fall in love to be complete? These days I’m not seeing anyone, I feel empty inside me, I think I might be ready to fall in love, but I said this in the past and when a nice caring young man comes we just have sex and I get bored and want to leave.

Do I need a therapist? I see my friends and their partners really happy, I have never experienced that before, maybe the fear of getting hurt keeps stopping me, I grew up with just my mum, dad left, sometimes I remember how hurt she was and I don’t just want to go through that.

What do I do Bella? Will I remain like this forever?



Love is one of the simplest things yet its complications knows no bound, love is a nice feeling, it’s a feeling of completeness, commitment, forever and sometimes sadness, it’s one of the wonderful feelings in the world.

Everyone one is capable of falling in love, all you need is finding that someone who makes it worth your while and I know you haven’t found that person, because when you do boredom will be far off your thoughts.

About needing a therapist, I don’t think anything is wrong with you dear, its normal to want to be careful, but you need to stop diving into relationships because you want to fill that emptiness in your heart, consider those who’d get hurt because of this.

Having sex with someone isn’t a criterion for a relationship to work or not, but the problem might be you have “THE SEX” too soon, try and get to know who you want to be with, weigh the compatibility, check out the prospects, weigh your options and if sex happens don’t try to run away, stick around, sacrifice your time, wipe negativity off the list and see If it works.

Love is something you should experience once, even if it doesn’t work out the experience is worth it.