I know it’s every girls dream to get married and be happy, that’s never worked out for me, I always get hurt, used and dumped so I decided to give up on relationships and put more effort in my career.

About a month ago, a friend told me about her cousin who just got back from the states and how he’s looking for a wife to get married to and she’s told him all about me, I wasn’t interested I told her so, she however decided to set me up with the guy.

Our first date was cool, he’s matured, successful and my type of man, we went out on four dates in the space of a month. Some days back, he asked me where I saw this relationship going, I asked if we were in a relationship, because he hadn’t asked me out, we just went on dates ; anyway I told him I wanted to take my time and not rush into anything at the moment, he felt back and left.

He came back with a ring yesterday, says his spirit agrees with mine and he doesn’t want to beat around the bush, he wants to get married, I was shocked, I like him a lot but marriage I don’t know, I don’t want to be rushed or seem desperate, I told him to give me some time to think about it.

What do I do?




Sweetheart marriage is no child’s play, don’t get coerced or rushed into it, if you feel you aren’t ready then you aren’t.

It seems this man just wants to get married, and any woman might do for now, but hey what do I know? Loll, it’s worked out for some people this way and who says it wouldn’t for you.

Tell him to give you some time, see how patient he is, try and get to know him better, its good you like him a lot, I see you loving him with a little more effort on your part.

Don’t let the past ruin the future for you hun, give him a chance, it sometimes isn’t how long you’ve known someone, it’s how well they’ve made you feel within the short period you’ve known them.

Let me know how it goes.