This has been eating me up for months, my wife is one of the most beautiful woman on earth and I don’t know what came over me, I don’t believe in charms I would have said I got charmed.

My wife travelled for a professional degree, we talked about it before we got married, and that she was going to do that first before we started having kids, she’s so smart and I didn’t want marriage to slow her down.

Four months into her travel, her friend who normally came to the house to check up on me and give report back to my wife, came crying, said her fiancé cancelled their wedding and she felt like dying, I tried to console her, I knew the guy so I promised I was going to talk to him, she assured me it was over and he wouldn’t change his mind, I offered her whiskey to calm her nerves, I don’t know how it happened, we both got drunk, made love severally, and then she left.

Since that day, we’ve been lovers, although she knows I can’t leave my wife for her, it never bothered her, she just wanted companionship and I wanted that also.

My wife is due to be back soon, all of a sudden I feel so guilty, the guilt is weighing me down, her friend seems unbothered, she said it was better I did it with her than a total stranger.

I don’t know how to go about it, I promised I was never going to cheat on her, I know for the duration of the time she was there she never cheated on me, I trust her with my life, it’s just two years into our marriage and I am afraid I have ruined it all.

Her friend isn’t ready to say anything, she might leave the country soon, but I can’t live with the guilty, do I tell my wife or not?
When I saw your email, I remembered a story someone told me, he said he was given a free pass by the wife to do anything he wanted because she wasn’t around and that she would totally understand, when I thought about it I realized only a strong and emotionally secured woman could do this.

So her friend isn’t willing to say anything, that’s a good one, at least you didn’t get her pregnant, every part of me wants you to tell your wife so as to alleviate your guilt, but why hurt an innocent woman? Secrets like this tend to come out sooner or later whether you like it or not, don’t you think it rather comes out sooner than later?

I think you know what to do, I don’t want to say you took advantage of her friend in her lowest, because it continued after the first time so both of you were aware and it was consensual.

You need to tell your wife, if she loves you enough she might be willing to give you another chance, doing it with a stranger would have been better than doing it with her friend, this is a betrayal she might not be willing to overlook.

I honestly don’t really know what else to say, I abhor cheating, I look at it as one of the greatest sins on earth, but no one is perfect and we’re all prone to mistakes.

I hope she forgives you, I really do.