When it comes to dating, Nigerian men are the worst sorts, they are never satisfied and always want you to do what their mothers could and never do for them.

Few weeks ago, a friend of mine came crying, her boyfriend had broken up with her, why? Because she wouldn’t loan him half a million, I was stunned, half a million in this hard economy and because she said no he broke up with her just like that!

This nigga is a wretched psycho/manwhore, I have caught him severally with different Ashewo’s but refused to tell my friend because I didn’t want to upset her, he spends her money like he’s drinking tap water, he makes her buy stuffs his 50k salary cannot afford.

I asked her, what does he need the money for, maybe it’s a business both of them can invest in, the idiot of a man said he wants to go and look for greener pastures abroad, and he would send for her later,{He has seen mugu}.

My friend is here crying her eyes out and I’m looking at her like {if she gives him this money our friendship will end}, all his life he’s been working, he doesn’t have 500k to carry his broke ass abroad, I don’t blame him, God will not allow me date someone as wretched as he is.