Aunty Bella,

How do I tell my friend who loves my friend that I love him? We just finished secondary school and both applied for the same university abroad so there’s every tendency we will be seeing more of each other.

I love him, he loves my friend but my friend loves his brother, this might sound confusing but we’ve all been friends since we were kids and I always knew I liked him more than normal.

I am 14, he’s also the same age, likewise my friend but his brother is 17 that’s the one my friend is in love with.

Aunty Bella, should I wait till we’re both in the university before I tell him, my friend is going to another country so we won’t all be together.





Honey, have you told your friend how you feel about him? No one is too young to fall in love, so age here is not a barrier. Tell your friend how you feel about him and listen to her response.

You left so many details out in your email; does your friend know he’s in love with her? Does his elder brother know your friend is in love with him? Does your crush know she’s in love with his elder brother? Anyway sweets do not bother yourself with all these yet.

Like you said, both of you might be spending a lot of time in the near future together, then you can really tell him how you feel, for now don’t.

Hope this works out for you Honey.