This might sound like I am nosey but I’m not, he brings in different women everyday, my flat is next to him and my bedroom is adjacent, he sleeps with them like slaves, and their shouts keep disturbing the whole flat.

Why does he torture me this way, sometimes I wonder if he does this on purpose, I get disturbed everytime, he makes me fantasize about his joystick always, sometimes when I want to drive for work and he comes out at the same time with nothing but boxers but eyes always wonder down there.

Do you think I should ask him to tone it down? Why are people this wicked? I haven’t done it in months and here’s this selfish buffoon getting it always with different girls, I will just have to tell the landlord to talk to him, cos moving out is out of the option.


This is a funny case, but you need to tell someone about it, if you do tell him to tone it down believe me it will escalate, so telling your landlord might just be the best.

Now, I get that he disturbs you with the  noise and all, but why do you get turned on if this disturbs you? I believe it’s the girls he brings who moans and make you feel uncomfortable, for you to hear him grunt means you put ypur hears to the walls am I right?

Honey you need to get LAID ASAP or you might just find yourself in his room one day (Jokes), but hey if it really makes you feel uncomfortable report him to someome who can make him tone it down.