Anyone reading this and wants to judge me fine I don’t care, it’s not an easy thing being extraordinarily pretty and have men always chasing you like flies.

I am not from a poor home, my parents are fairly okay, and my siblings are doing well for themselves, being the last child whenever I need something I’d always have it, this is to tell your readers I lack for nothing.

On my way to a job interview one morning, standing at the bus-stop, this exotic car pulls over and asked me where I was heading to, I told him and it turned out he was heading same way, I figured he should be in his late 30’s he was good looking and all but I wasn’t moved.

We exchanged numbers and that’s where my fortune changed, my life hasn’t been the same after that day, new house, new wardrobe, money in my accounts, trips everywhere, but I have refused to sleep with him, because I don’t like him and funny enough he’s been very patient with me, my friends says he’s into occult stuffs that no man will spend that much on you and not ask for sex.

Bella, do you think he’s in the occult? This guy is so rich, he can have any girl he wants but for months we have been together it’s just been he and I, and he receives only business calls and nothing else.

I don’t think I want to continue being with him, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to like him for reasons unknown, he’s not bad looking, he’s rich and sociable, what could I be missing?

Can you please talk me out of this; I don’t want to marry a poor man.




If this man is everything you desire in a man, why do you think you don’t like him? I can’t talk you out of this, you alone can do that. I am going to be the typical African here and ask you to be careful, do not let material things lead you to an early grave; it’s never worked for anyone.

As for him being in the occult, I don’t think so, we still have gentlemen out there who don’t hold you hostage for not having sex with them because they have spent on you.

You need to stop accepting things from him ASAP, you need to stop using him for your selfish gains, you don’t like him then leave him it’s as simple as that, don’t become so greedy you lose your life in the process.