Bella please make this anonymous.

Since we have been married I have always stole from my husband, at first I never thought of it as stealing, because I assumed what was his is mine also. Sometimes I’d take money from the wardrobe, his pockets, briefcase, it started with minimal sums and it’s escalated over the years.

There was a time I took over 50k Naira, when he asked I didn’t mean to deny or point accusing fingers but I jokingly told him to ask his younger brother who was staying with us at the time, he didn’t only asked, he beat the hell out of that one, and when money continued missing he sent him packing.

I am not a thief, I just don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe it’s because my husband is the stingiest man I know, but is that enough reason to steal from him? He has the money but doesn’t release either for feeding or the kids’ school fees, does that justify why I steal from him?

We have a teenager who stays with us and she’s the one who currently suffers it all, when money goes missing, my husband pounces on her like a leopard, beats the living daylight out of her but the poor girl doesn’t know anything, when he’s done beating her, I pet her, buy her things and tell her she never has to worry for anything again, but my conscience has been nagging me, she’s still a little girl and doesn’t deserve to suffer for my sins, do you think I should send her back to the village?



Nothing justifies your act, but blaming it on others that’s just plain evil. You decided to turn yourself into a thief in your own home but you can’t even be the adult and own up to it instead you allow others suffer.

Your husband doesn’t give you money for the kids and for the house, doesn’t he ask you where you get the money from to pay for fees and feed the kids {or maybe this is a cooked up story to justify your act} you and your husband needs serious help.

You might have a kleptomania problem without even knowing, let’s hope it doesn’t escalate one day and you begin to steal from others who aren’t your husband.

Tell your husband the truth and tell him your reason for doing all these, apologize to his brother and the maid, they don’t deserve the cruelty you and your husband have melted on them.

This is a hard world, don’t let your ego, pride and theft make it harder for others.