My fiancé and I have tried everything possible for him to last more than 30 seconds and its never worked, I am seriously thinking of calling the engagement off, I mean I don’t want to cheat on him when we get married but our intercourse lives is one of the worst in the history of mankind.

When we met he wanted no intercourse before marriage, I wouldn’t accept that, this is the 21stcentury not the 16th I was a sexually active woman, why would I want that kind of arrangement? Anyway after about seven months he gave in and that was when I knew I was in trouble.

The first time was “HORRIBLE” he came under 10 seconds or less while we were kissing and annoyingly dozed right off, imagine my shock, anyway its grown from bad to worse and there’s nothing we haven’t tried, I can’t have a man and still be using my adult toy, please what do I do?



I totally understand how you feel, but do you think intercourse is enough reason to leave a man who’s got every other quality you desire in a man?

He makes you happy

You’re in love with him

You see a future with him

You see him being the father of your kids

You want to grow old with him

But he doesn’t satisfy you in the adult way

Lady you need to get your head out of your ass and see the goodness in this man before someone else does. You aren’t going to have intercourse forever, and new drugs are being produced everyday that could help him sexually, don’t give up on him just yet, common, romance is the least reason to leave someone, what if you were in that position, would you like to be left.

You need to consider how much this will hurt him, and talk to him about him, I know both of you have been doing a lot of talking but there are other forms of sexual satisfaction that doesn’t involve penetration.
Some other women are having it worse as we speak, but hey they have found a way to live with it, I am not asking you to make yourself unhappy because of someone else, but if you really really really feel this wouldn’t work out because of his premature ejaculation then you can tell him its over.