I am torn between respecting my parents and being with the man of my dreams, how do I convince my parents he’s a good man, although he’s not made yet but I don’t care.

My parents said the expected me to do better, I am an only child, they invested a lot in me and was hoping I would end up with someone better, who would pay them back for all they spent on me, who would raise our financial status but instead I brought a “SUFFERHEAD” back home.

Everyone says I have been charmed, they say he’s always looking dirty and wondered what I saw in him, I went to one of the best schools and my man isn’t educated, I graduated with good grades and my job prospects are looking very high, they just want me to broaden my dating horizon and not just keep parading my plumber boyfriend.

I don’t want to go into much details, but my man is good, kind, loyal, honest and faithful and I don’t want to leave him but it’s giving my parents much grief everyday and I hate to see them sad, please what do I do?




Honey it’s your life and you need to make your parents understand that, if he makes you happy then why do you not sound so sure about him, it’s seems you aren’t really proud of him like you’ve made yourself believe.

Why not take time off the relationship first, to make your parents happy for a while, tell your man about your decision, focus on that job prospects you talked about, and when things become better for you make your parents so proud that even if you come home with a beggar they would have no choice than to accept.

I hope things work out for you and when they do try and brush your man up so people won’t have a reason to mock you both.