I don’t even know if to believe her or not, if I hadn’t smelled and seen semen on her pant that night she came home I wonder if she would have told me about the rape incident.

I have warned her about the friend she keeps but does she listen no! I have a good mind to leave her but I love her and I don’t want it to seem because she got raped that’s why I want to leave.

She’s a good girl, I have asked her to tell me the identity of the boy who did it to her so we can report him to the police but she said the room was dark and she couldn’t see a face and the bloody rapist didn’t even use a condom.

How so I even recover from this? I warned her not to go she didn’t listen and now we have to deal with this dilemma.


I admire the way you want to stand by your woman but have you considered the possibility she might have willingly had sex with the said “Rapist”? I am sorry both of you have to go through this, but you need to ask her some questions I know have been bugging you.

Take her to a hospital and carry out necessary tests on her, let her get treated first before any other thing since the “Rapist” didn’t use it a condom. Forgiving and forgetting is a decision you have to make on your on, but it seems that’s the right thing to do at the moment, I do hope there’s no more “Rape” incidence in the future anymore.