I know I’m not supposed to complain, but my body is, all we do is have intercoruse every minute of the day and it’s not fun for me anymore.

He has never asked me about my parents, relatives, siblings , nothing at all and we have been together for 3 years and the shocker is he doesn’t know where I stay not that I haven’t invited him over, he just says his place is more comfortable.

Whenever he’s coming home from work he tells me to wait for him at my bus-stop and then we go to his house, anytime I try to cajole him to just come know my place he gets angry.

Bella does this man even love me, he gives me money in abundance, and takes care of me when I’m sick but even in my sickness he still wants to play, I am getting tired of this routine.

I am in love with him so I can’t leave, but is he in love with me?

I like the way your last sentence ended “I am in love with him, but is he in love with me” do I need say more? He obviously isn’t remotely in love with you, you have been with him for three whole years, he doesn’t know your house, you siblings or even your aspirations in life and yet you say you can’t leave him, something must be wrong somewhere.

There’s no point asking him where the relationship is going to lead to because you’re just a play mate, a tension relief, a hole to drill that’s what you’re to him, some place there’s a woman who he’s going to settle down with and that woman isn’t you.

He only calls you for intercourse, and you give it to him in abundance, try and withhold it from him and you see he becomes nice for a while and goes back to his old self, or he’d have another person willing to take your place in a heartbeat.

Honey this isn’t love, if it is ,it is one sided and you need to get away from this, it’s toxic and three years is a lot of time to not be sure of what you have with someone, it’s time to kiss that habit goodbye and let your body rest for someone who’d appreciate it.