First time we tried it I broke an arm because he tied me up, put a chain round my neck, and was dragging me like a dog in the room with his joystick erect, it wasn’t fun for me but obviously it was for him.

The second time he used a handcuff and I broke a wrist, when he wanted to cum he kept vibrating like a drilling machine twisting the cuff dragging it and while I was screaming he thought I was enjoying it.

Now he wants a third time, tying my two legs to the window, while i’d be stretched, I’m beginning to think he wants to kill me, I have tried to talk to him, told him I don’t like it, all my buttocks have marks from spankings with  koboko plus bite marks, should I just leave him?




Sweetie it’s obvious you aren’t into “KINKY” or BDSM and it’s definitely going to hurt you if you don’t have the thresh hold for pain, he’s more into masochism and needs a submissive female, if you aren’t that type its best you take a walk least he chokes or spanks you to COMA one day.

It’s fun for people who enjoy violent intercourse and love being dominated or in charge, I don’t see this relationship working, he wants rough intercourse and you want gentle sex, who’s going to compromise for who?

Using koboko to whip a lady during intercourse is no way to treat her.