Long story short, he used to date my friend, they broke up and in a very horrible way, he cheated on her and she almost killed herself.

That was a couple of years ago, my friend is married now, and he and I recently met unexpectedly, he says he’s a changed man now who wants to settle down and he’s always admired me in the past but because he was with my friend he couldn’t say anything.

I am beginning to like him a lot, what do I do? I am scared since he cheated on my friend he’s going to do the same to me; do I go ahead and date him? He’s already talking about marriage.

While I am inclined to say a cheat will always remain a cheat, but everyone deserves a second chance. You said in your email he’s a changed man, have you seen those changes? Do you think those changes are real and genuine? Do you think you would trust him around your female friends? Have you talked to your friend who he broke her heart about this?

We see what we want to see in people, it’s obvious you’re crazed about marriage that you might want to throw common sense out the window, but you alone know what’s best for you.

Take your time with this; don’t let the idea of marriage lead you into a life time of misery, think about your future happiness and not a fleeting moment of self-satisfactory pleasure, I hope whatever decision you make works out for you.