This isn’t going to be a lengthy email, I’d just go straight to the point, honestly my boyfriend’s joystick  is small, when I say small, it’s like a child’s and sometimes I feel it stops at the labia without even entering my femalacore.

His friend came to sleep over one day, and when I saw him early the next morning with nothing but boxers and the big stick he calls a manhood, since then my life has never been the same, please I love my boyfriend but how do I stop fantasizing about his friend.


Honey you need to enjoy your boyfriend in peace, no one comes into this world a 100% complete and if a man got 70% I think it’s more than a enough.
You need to talk to your man and tell him how you feel, tell him the intercourse has been horrible and he needs to step up his game, there are other ways to achieve pleasure without actual penetration, but if it’s penetration you seek, you guys need to buy a {Strap on} not only lesbians use it, straight couples do too.

Fantasizing about his friend is a phase that you’re going to get over, just give it time.