I can’t put up with her lies anymore, if it isn’t uncle this taking her to Eko Hotels, its uncle that telling her to come to Abuja, what does she even take me for?

And she lies with a straight face, she wouldn’t even introduce me to those her uncles, says they wouldn’t feel comfortable with me because I am not family.

She travels for days, receives their calls in my presence, tell them she loves them and blow them kisses, and I’d be there looking like a moron, she says its family love, I don’t have a job yet neither does she but she foots the bills and every other thing.

How I wish I can just strangle her one night, she’s turned me into a laughing stock amongst my friends, they say she’s sleeping with those her “uncles” but I don’t know if it’s entirely true, do you think I am a fool?


Do I have to tell you what’s going on here? She doesn’t work yet she foots the bills, you don’t have a job yet she takes care of you; do you even love this woman? A man who loves someone wholeheartedly would not allow her sleep with other men to foot their bills; he takes whatever job he can and takes care of his woman, same goes for the lady.

If you’re still wearing the “PANTS” in your relationship you need to step up and tell her it’s either you or her “UNCLES” and please get a job, she insults you this way because she feels you aren’t man enough to tell her what to do or take responsibility as a man, you stay home all day while she travels around with her “UNCLES” and then she brings back gifts and you both share them, you might as well be her pimp.