I read your blog most days and I love the way you address issues, now to the issue at hand, you might wonder why I think my boyfriend is gay, it’s simple his Anal is wide, and not just normal wide like real wide.

How did I get to know? One day while we were making love, he asked me to dip my finger inside that it turns him on; well I tried with my little finger as I didn’t want to hurt him; imagine my shock when the whole thing slid through, and then he asked for 2 fingers, and 3 fingers, I had to stop as it had becoming disgusting.

I asked him if he’s had something bigger in there and he said no but I feel he’s lying or was he raped without him being aware, Bella the hole is really wide and deep, I just want him to tell me the truth so I don’t waste my time with him.
He might not really be gay, or maybe he might be but does that matter? What is it you’re more scared of? His wide Anal or what? You do know Gay men don’t have wide anal and you’re just exaggerating don’t you.

If he says he isn’t gay then he isn’t, he might be “Bisexual” because he still enjoys making love with you, or he just really really really loves fingers in his anal, it turns him on like he said.

Try and not be a judge of someone’s sexual preference okay, enjoy your man while you still can and don’t make doubts exempt you from having a healthy relationship.