I have no other way of putting it, it might sound too harsh but my girlfriend doesn’t have eating etiquettes and she keeps screaming she schooled abroad, how do you school abroad and end up eating like a herd of swine?

See I love her, but her eating habits doesn’t make me take her out to functions or see friends and this is causing problems in our relationship, I have talked, pleaded, taught and done several other things to see if the situation can be managed but no way.

Do you think she’s cursed, she’s such a pretty girl with good habits but why does she have to eat like WW2 is about to start? I can’t keep hiding her from friends and family and she has no control over it, please tell me what to do, I am losing it.


It is so wrong to address a human being as a pig, much less your girlfriend, that’s so wrong. Have you been reading my blog? If yes then you should know I have always said no one comes a 100% complete, why are humans so greedy? You got a girl who loves you wholeheartedly and is willing to even change her eating habits for you and you’re worried about what friends will say?

I have a male relative who eats that way and we haven’t killed him yet, so you need to learn to love her like that, with time maybe she might change or not, it depends on if it’s a medical condition that can be fixed.

I hope this works out well for the both of you.