We have been dating for six months and we’ve kissed just twice after I had pleaded for long.

She told me she doesn’t like to kiss and I believed her, I was ready to compromise because I actually love to kiss, I wanted to make her happy and so I let the issue go.

Some days back we met with her EX in a restaurant we were having dinner, she was really happy and asked that we had dinner together, the guy was really jovial and matured and we just clicked; when she left to use the ladies room, I don’t even know what made me asked him, I just did, I asked if he and my girlfriend used to kiss a lot, he was shocked at first and didn’t know whether to answer or not.

I told him my reason and he smiled and told me yes, she loves kissing, I felt bad, it’s not like I have mouth odor, if I did someone would have told me a long time ago, I don’t know if to tell her what her EX told me or just let it be.


The problem might not be “Mouth Odor” you might just be a “slurpy kisser” this means you don’t know how to kiss.

Have you had this problem with your Exes before? Has anyone ever told you something about the way you kiss? Why not tell her what her EX said and know the reason she doesn’t like to kiss you.

Try and initiate it and when she pulls away tell her you know she loves to kiss but why doesn’t she like to kiss you.