I know I used to be wayward and always high but I can remember all the men I have slept with and this guy isn’t one of them.

Please how do I convince him I wasn’t the one, he keeps making snide remarks when my fiancé is around always talking about how I look like the girl he’s been down with.


I don’t wanna lose this guy, it took a lot of effort on my part for him to start trusting me because of my past, but it seems his friend wants to start rubbing it in his face, it’s causing a lot of tension at home and he’s asked me repeatedly if I have slept with him.

Truth is I might not be entirely sure, or I might be, this guy is making me doubt myself and I might just admit because of the pressure, but does it really matter, my fiancé knew I have slept with several men before all this, why does this particular one bother him?


Everyone’s got a past dear and it’s a good thing your man knows about yours.

Now about that friend of his, your man needs to have a stern talk with him, he needs to protect you from people like that, all they want to do is hurt you and make you doubt yourself.

Tell your man you aren’t entirely sure if you slept with him or not and it was all in the past and doesn’t have to interfere with the present.

Remind him how much you have changed and how far both of you have come, he needs to always remind you that your past won’t be a problem between both of you or it might affect you future.

Whenever that friend of his come to the house and make those remarks again, be the strong woman you are and give him a piece of your mind, your man chose to be with you while knowing the severity of your past, who is his friend to come make mockery of that?

Sweetheart fear not, things will work out for the better all you need to do is believe in yourself and don’t let anyone bring your efforts to naught.